“Meat” Real Retailers Who Prefer Stocking Grass Run Farms Beef Products

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With experts reporting that the global grass fed beef market will grow at a CAGR of 5.45% between now and 2022, it’s no wonder that savvy retailers and foodservice pros (like you!) are interested in providing grass fed beef to consumers.

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But, is grass fed beef right for your store? Our foodservice and retailer reviews matter to us, just like your customers’ satisfaction. So, we checked in with grocery and foodservice customers to learn why Grass Run Farms is always readily available on shelves, in cases, and on tables.

grocery store beef customer

Grocery Customer

Q: What stands out most about Grass Run Farms beef?

A: Number one is eating quality.

number one is eating quality

Q: How do you see the industry changing in the coming years?

A: Grass fed, organic, and natural continues to grow and get stronger every year. We’ve seen a significant increase in customer interest in grass fed.

butcher customer

Butcher Customer

Q: How were you introduced to Grass Run Farms?

A: We got a dialogue going with a partner at the time and talked to a local grocery store group owner … he thought he could have sold the product in most of his stores. The owner was very much sold on grass fed and excited about the product being graded Choice or higher.

Q: Are there any stumbling blocks for your customers and grass fed beef?

A: “Why is it so expensive?” That’s the main stumbling block. To explain why Grass Run Farms beef might be a bit more expensive than common, lesser grades, I say:

  • It’s created with no antibiotics and no growth hormones
  • Grass Run Farms cattle can only eat a certain kind of grass
  • It’s graded USDA Choice or higher

Q: How else have you overcome challenges with consumer education and awareness to drive interest in the product?

A: We sampled the product in a show booth. We cut up ten New York strips and cooked them right in our booth … and, I tell you … we were swamped. Visitors were really impressed with the stuff. The comments were all very good—off-the-charts good.

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We then did a seminar for meat managers and cooked them a whole New York strip … and they were all really impressed. Meat managers are very forward; they will tell you exactly what they think of what you have, and they don’t sugarcoat anything. We got nothing negative. All good. The future looks bright.

meat business

Q: Why else do you prefer Grass Run Farms?

A: It’s the quality of the product [that] is unheard of. I don’t eat anything else but that, and I’ve been around this business all my life so, you know, that’s what I personally take home. I do, and my whole family does … my brothers. When we cut product for ourselves, we take the Grass Run Farms product.

restaurant customer

Restaurant Customer

Q: Thinking back to when you were first introduced to us … what stuck out to you?

A: I was impressed that your operation took care of the cattle all the way through their lives and they really are allowed to roam all over the place.

Q: What is most important to you about the Grass Run Farms story?

That you are grass finished. The cattle eat grass all the way through their lives, and that is a statement we feel we can stand behind. It’s nice to be able to follow that up completely.

Q: What are some big trends to take into consideration when talking about Grass Run Farms?

A: I think the broader trend is just that people are more concerned about the quality of their food and where it comes from, so the more information we have on that scale, the better—we’re able to back up our own claims.

Get the healthy grass fed beef your customers have been craving.

With Grass Run Farms, you can expect retail-ready, high-quality products that increase return trips to your store. Try our exclusive USDA graded 100% grass fed and finished beeflearn more and contact our team of beef professionals online and at 800.727.BEEF today!