Dedicated to today’s families and future generations.

When both rancher and processor are committed to the right path, the results are extraordinary: wholesome, high-quality, healthy beef. Our farmers are selected based on their dedication to our process, safety, and production standards.

Our hardworking family farmers and ranchers are dedicated to the health and happiness of their cattle, the consumers, and their communities. And, as much as our independent farmers know about raising cattle, they may know even more about growing the right grass.

On our end, Grass Run Farms ensures sustainable profits for our hard-working, family farmers, paying a premium above commodity beef prices. This reward for their extra efforts and care also includes a regular exchange of production information, adding value to their operations.

family producers looking at cattle on farm

Join the Grass Run Farms family.

Maintaining your lifestyle, raising your family on the farm, and protecting the environment remain three of the most important benefits our producers reap from growing grass fed beef. If you share these passions, you may be a perfect Grass Run Farms producer. We’re here to help make your grass fed operation profitable and sustainable.

Grass Run Farms offers producers the opportunity to offer added value to a growing niche market. Today’s consumers demand transparency and traceability and find a premium value in products that demonstrate wholesome production practices and deliver nutritional benefits. The demand is honored through our production standards, including specific feeding and production protocol.

Today, Grass Run Farms remains focused on careful, sustainable management from the beef we process to the relationships with our producers. Partnering with Grass Run Farms as one of our producers delivers a solid, sustainable relationship that will keep you competitive in the marketplace.

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For information on becoming a producer of Grass Run Farms beef, email Charlie Bradbury or call 936-661-2957.