According to the USDA, there is no evidence to suggest that food produced in the United States can transmit COVID-19. Learn about food safety during the COVID-19 crisis and how to properly store, prepare, and cook your beef purchases.

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Simply put, it’s good for you, the animals and our land.™

Grass Run Farms is 100% grass fed and finished beef that is born, pasture raised, and harvested in the USA. Grass Run Farms cattle never receive grain, animal by-products, antibiotics, or added hormones.

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Our 100% grass fed beef is a lean protein,
packed for every meal.

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Grass Fed Beef

Grass Run Farms delivers a superior eating
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Grass Run Farms is also recognized for its alignment to the U.S. Beef Industry Sustainability Framework. The Framework is an industry-adopted resource that outlines key areas of sustainability and opportunities for improvement across the beef value chain. It is comprised of high-priority indicators, sector specific metrics and sustainability assessment guides. Learn more here.

Cattle must have continuous access to pasture during grazing season