How We’re Partnering with Burger Lounge to Revolutionize the Grass Fed Burger

burger lounge grass fed burger from grass run farms

“Doing a common thing uncommonly well.” That’s Burger Lounge’s ethos, and though it’s simple, it’s taken them far. They describe themselves as “just a neighborhood burger joint,” but they’re also known as one of the most innovative fast-casual restaurants in California (and with one location in Las Vegas!)

grass fed burger - real food evolution burger lounge

Burger Lounge is changing the West Coast’s relationship with the classic all-American burger through high-quality grass fed beef.

great tasting 100% grass fed beef

We were recently featured alongside Burger Lounge in BOSS Magazine

As their recent BOSS Magazine spread describes, every piece of Burger Lounge’s to-go packaging is recycled or recyclable, food waste is composted, and used cooking oil is converted to biofuels. Their passion for being easy on the planet even extends to their decor—tabletops in the restaurants are made from recycled water bottles.

This conscientious approach to every part of their business also translates into thoughtful, enduring vendor partnerships with companies like us.

Burger Lounge + Grass Run Farms = One Fantastic Burger

Burger Lounge is picky about vendors, and we’re honored to be counted among them. As Burger Lounge CEO J. Dean Loring said in BOSS Magazine, “How our vendors do business means a lot to us, because … how they treat their products matters to us and to our customers, and it’s what we hang our reputation on.” About us, in particular, they said, “we have a trusted and reliable partner in quality, safety, and supply that goes beyond typical transactions.”

Our six-year relationship with Burger Lounge is founded on similar missions: providing great food through responsible practices. Stuart Hennen, JBS USA Beef Regional Product Manager, said, “I am proud of our mutual dedication over the years, and that Grass Run Farms is a part of the Burger Lounge family.”

We work hard to produce healthy, flavorful grass fed beef in a way that’s in tune with the natural cycles of the land and water supply. Our U.S. raised and grazed grass fed beef is never given antibiotics or added hormones and is raised according to BQA animal care and wellbeing practices. Cattle are traceable back to the pastures and farms where they were raised, and are raised on a vegetarian, grain-free diet from clean pastures.

jbs burger lounge and frontline feed hospital workers

Clearly, our partnership with Burger Lounge is about more than dollars and cents. Back in April, we united with Burger Lounge and Frontline Foods to provide fresh grass fed burgers and fresh-cut fries to 100 hospital workers on the front lines of the pandemic.

Here’s to Burger Lounge’s continued innovation and success—and to many more years of a partnership in both ethics and business.

Appeal to Patrons with American Grass Fed Beef

Burger Lounge has paved the way for innovative, healthy grass fed burgers while meeting the consumer’s demand for healthier food. In addition to being health-conscious, diners are more educated about the food they eat than ever. As one of our foodservice customers said, “I think the broader trend is just that people are more concerned about the quality of their food and where it comes from, so the more information we have on that scale, the better.”

Our 100% grass fed and finished beef is backed by years of successful partnerships with restaurants, and we’d love to start a relationship with yours. Connect with our team and we’ll find a way to boost your bottom line with quality grass fed beef.

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