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Grass Fed Beef Industry Insights

Chef Cory Bahr’s Top Techniques for Preparing Grass Run Farms Grass Fed Beef

“Good food … has a sense of place — starting with local ingredients, harvested in season, cooked and served with respect for the memories of countless meals before yours.” – Chef Cory Bahr

Chef Cory Bahr is an experienced chef-owner at eateries like Parish Restaurant, coffee shop Standard Coffee Co., and food truck Bahr Food. He brings a tangible passion for the freshest local ingredients and a melding of family recipes with international techniques. You might recognize him from TV’s “Chopped” or know him by name as Food & Wine’s “Best New Chef.” Parish Restaurant was also listed among Southern Living’s Best New Restaurants.

For all of these reasons, we were elated when Chef Cory agreed to partner with us to create delicious dishes featuring our 100% grass fed and finished beef. Since that day, Cory has done it time and time again—created tasty recipes like Perfect Bistro Steaks, Skirt Steak with Chermoula Sauce, Truffle Corn Dogs, Roasted Bone Marrow with Salsa Verde, and more.

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Chef Cory is a talented chef with diverse techniques, but you’ll often see him using the following methods when preparing grass fed beef:

Now that we’ve been working together for a while, we asked Chef Cory his thoughts about our grass fed products.

“This grass fed beef brings major flavor. I tried many recipes with Grass Run Farms beef and found the texture and flavor to be wonderful. We made the update on our menu to serve Grass Run Farms so that our customers could experience the great beef cuts as well.”- Chef Cory Bahr

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