Enjoy delicious, American-produced, 100% grass fed beef recipes with those you love.

Healthy, nutritious, and flavorful, grass fed and finished beef from America’s heartland is sure to be the highlight of any meal and leave a lasting impression. Make grass fed beef the hero of any meal for you and your family with these recipes for appetizers, main dishes, and more!

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Note: According to, the minimum safe temperature is 145°F for fresh beef and 160°F for ground beef.

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How to cook great grass fed beef.

Cooking Great Grass Fed Beef

Learn the subtleties of preparing great grass fed beef.

  1. Bring meat to room temperature prior to cooking to ensure the interior cooks as evenly as the exterior.
  2. Heat grill, oven, or skillet to desired temperature prior to putting meat on.
  3. Cook to your desired “doneness,” or internal temperature. Like most meats, grass fed beef is best cooked to “medium,” or 135-140 degrees Fahrenheit. Insert thermometer to center of meat and avoid poking multiple holes (they let juices escape!)
  4. Remove meat from heat just prior to desired finished internal temperature and allow to sit covered and undisturbed for 5-10 minutes before serving—the meat will continue to cook slightly and caramelize, and its juices will redistribute.

Cooking Great Grass Fed Beef

Internal Temperature Guidelines

Rare: 120-125 degrees F
Medium Rare: 130-135 degrees F
Medium: 135-140 degrees F
Medium Well: 140-145 degrees F
Well Done: 155+ degrees F

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