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Drive return trips with 100% grass fed and finished beef.

Grass Run Farms delivers a comprehensive grass fed and finished beef program, including both boxed and case ready options. USDA Prime, Choice, Select, and Ungraded (equivalent to USDA Select) steaks, roasts, ground beef, patties, and hot dogs are available to help retailers to meet various consumers preferences for cuts, marbling, and price points. Contact us to talk about the program that will work best for your store.

Grass Run Farms works with a small network of family farmers in America’s Heartland to ensure high quality, grass fed beef through careful production and sustainable management. Grass Run Farms is one of the largest American grass fed programs available, producing wholesome, lean, and flavorful beef that is born, pasture-raised, and harvested in the USA. Our program standards, including strict carcass selection and raising practices, delivers high-quality 100% grass finished beef to consumers for a better eating experience compared to other products.

Feed consumer demand for grass fed beef.

Market trends continue to demonstrate consumers interest in healthy meat choices and a greater sense of social and environmental responsibility. This supports consumers interest in transparency and production attributes, including grass fed claims.

  • 100% grass fed and finished: 38% of consumers want their meat department to add more beef with a grass-fed claim and 28% specifically want to purchase claims-based meat1
  • Grass fed beef grew 29% versus a year ago, adding $140M to the total Fresh Beef category2
  • Shoppers spend 29% more when grass fed beef is in their basket, compared to conventional beef3

1 2021 Power of Meat Study. 2 IRI Unify, Integrated Fresh, Total US Food, L52 3/21/2021
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