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Drive return trips with 100% grass fed and finished beef.

Grass Run Farms delivers a comprehensive grass finished beef program, including USDA Choice and Ungraded steaks, roasts, ground beef, patties, hot dogs and sausages.

We work with a small network of family farmers in America’s Heartland to ensure high quality, grass fed beef through careful production and sustainable management. Grass Run Farms is one of the largest American grass fed programs available, producing wholesome, lean, and flavorful beef that is born, pasture-raised, and harvested in the USA.

Feed consumer demand for grass fed beef.

Market trends continue to demonstrate consumers interest in healthy meat choices and a greater sense of social and environmental responsibility. This supports consumers interest in transparency and production attributes, including grass fed claims.

  • 100% grass fed and finished: 47% of shoppers proactively search for beef with grass fed claim1 and 43% say they want more meat departments to carry grass-fed beef1
  • Grass fed beef represents 2.6% percent of the total beef sold in the U.S., but this segment has grown 38% in the last 52 weeks2
  • When consumers purchase grass fed beef, their average basket doubles and promotes sales of other specialty items throughout the store2,3

1 2020 Power of Meat Study. 2 IRI, L52 ending March 2020 vs 2019. 3 IRI, 2019.

Case Ready New York Strip Steak

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This case study summarizes the impact of our case-ready program on shrink in the meat department of a mid-size chain of supermarkets in the U.S.

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