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Grass Fed

The art of grass fed farming. The difference of Grass Run Farms.

Grass Run Farms works with the natural environment to offer a natural, forage-based diet to our cattle, delivering a healthy diet for you.

The art to grass fed farming goes beyond the beautiful pasture landscape. Grass Run Farms works with a select group of producers who work to manage healthy soil, nutritious forage, and a tranquil environment. Experienced farmers and ranchers work year-round with the natural cycle of the land, the sun, and the water supply to cultivate calming and nutritious pastures for their cattle. Grass Run Farms cattle never receive antibiotics or added hormones.

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Healthy beef at its peak.

Eating Grass Run Farms’ grass fed beef is an added benefit for consumers looking to eat a healthy diet that tastes good! Grass Run Farms gives you the confidence that our dedicated farmers produce grass fed beef just for you.

Have more questions about how your grass fed beef moves from farm to your table? Check out our FAQ page.


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