America’s Top Three Beef Cooking Methods

America's top three beef cooking methods

Cooking a delicious 100% grass fed beef dinner should be exciting. Beef is a versatile, wholesome protein to include in any meal. Grass Run Farms beef is high in iron, rich in protein, and full of flavor, making it a mealtime staple.

Grass Run Farms is here to help unleash your inner chef. Research conducted by OnePoll revealed the top three favorite cooking methods for preparing beef were pan-cooking, stewing, and outdoor grilling/barbecuing. Let’s explore each of these different cooking methods and go over a simple recipe for each to get you feeling confident and ready to try each method!

#1: Pan-Searing for Perfect Flavor

grass run farms cooked steak

Simple, quick, and perfect for busy weeknights, pan-searing is a beginner-friendly method. Pan-searing involves heating a lightly oiled pan over medium heat, adding the beef once the pan is warmed up, and cooking to your preferred doneness. Easy as that!

Not only does this method require one piece of cookware, but it is the perfect method for:

  • Browning grass fed ground beef for tacos, spaghetti sauce, or chili.
  • Pan-searing steaks for a juicy, flavorful main course.
  • Crisping up thinly sliced flank steak for fajitas or stir-fries.

Test out your pan-cooking skills with our 15-minute steak recipe.

#2: Stewing: Transforming Tough Cuts into Tender Delights

grass run farms stew

Stewing is a method of slow cooking beef at low temperatures for long periods of time. Generally, the meat that you are cooking is completely submerged in a liquid or broth which helps cook the meat slowly. This method is ideal for less-tender cuts of grass fed beef, as the low temperature and long cooking time breaks down the tough fibers, ensuring a tender and delicious Grass Run Farms entrée.

Stews can be prepared in:

  • A large pot on the stovetop
  • The oven
  • A slow cooker (perfect for busy days!)

Our Easy Slow Cooker Beef Noodle Bowl recipe is perfect for fans of stewing.

#3: Grilling: The Outdoor Entertainer’s Choice

grass run farms grilling beef

Finally, every outdoor entertainer’s favorite method of preparing grass fed beef … the grill. For a juicy, chargrilled beef experience, fire up the grill! This high-heat, dry-cooking method is perfect for:

  • Crowd-pleasing burgers made with flavorful ground beef
  • Beefy skewers marinated in your favorite recipe
  • Sizzling steaks cooked to your desired doneness
  • Making a meal on busy weeknights or weekend for the whole family

If you love grilling, try this Grilled Chuck Roast with Dijon Herb Rub from Grillin with Dad.

Ready to Master Beef?

Now that you have a few cooking tips and America’s favorite methods in your back pocket, you’re ready to make delicious dishes with our 100% grass fed and finished beef.

Want more? Check out more of our beefy recipes to find the perfect one for your next culinary adventure!


Original blog post authored by Lauren Twigge, MCN, RDN, LD. Revised in February 2024 with timely updates.