How to Sell the Benefits of Grass Fed Beef to Customers and Patrons

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According to Forbes contributor Julia B. Olayanju, the biggest trend in the food industry is the consumer’s desire for one thing: transparency. As she explains, “Consumers want to know and understand what ingredients are going into their products … [they] are seeking simplicity in addition to better quality foods.” Along with transparency, consumers are looking for grass fed in stores and on menus more and more—just check out this trend line and the below global market outlook!

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The grass fed Magic 8-Ball outlook is good! Learn more about retailers who love stocking us here.

In Summary …

Consumers want food with a good story, including a history they can trust. And, if the story is grass fed, even better. Read on to get ideas for selling the value of grass fed beef in stores and restaurants.

Tell the Grass Run Farms Story

Consumers who choose Grass Run Farms can enjoy perks like:

  • Cattle traceable back to the pastures and farms where they were raised
  • Cattle raised on a vegetarian diet from clean pastures, with NO:
    • Antibiotics
    • Grain
    • Added hormones

grass fed cattle roam in pasture

Product Merchandising Ideas for Retailers

  • Use black steak paper to make cuts pop and help any Grass Run Farms green branding stand out to shoppers
  • Hang branded signage highlighting the perks of Grass Run Farms on sale ad bulletin boards and elsewhere in-store
  • Leverage the POS materials we provide to our retail partners (Items include: case dividers, brochures, case danglers, headers, and rail strips)
  • Get your staff behind the meat counter up to speed on Grass Run Farms’ perks

grass run farms pos materials include case danglers

Menu Ideas for Restauranteurs

  • When describing dishes made with Grass Run Farms products, use consumer buzzwords like “100% grass fed,” “100% grass finished,” and “natural”
  • To describe us as a producer use, “Grass Run Farms works with a select group of producers who work to manage healthy soil, nutritious forage, and a tranquil environment”
  • If your menu is mostly neutral in color, pull in our Grass Run Farms green or add a green blade of grass to each menu item with a grass fed or natural origin

Looking for industry insights? Check out our retailer and restauranteur blog for the latest in grass fed beef. If you’d like some consumer-friendly ideas, tips, and recipes, head to the other side of our blog, where we’re covering hot topics such as Instant Pot beef recipes.