Instagrammers on Grass Run Farms: Why Foodies Love Our Beef

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We’re so happy to have fans who love our grass fed beef as much as we do. (Just check out the #grassrunfarms hashtag on Instagram!) Our fans now include two big-time Insta-foodies, Foodandsachi and Grillin With Dad. We worked with them on some original recipes and learned why they turn to us for pure grass fed goodness.

food and sachi and grilling with dad

Foodandsachi (left) displaying an eye for food; Grillin With Dad (right) with the family.

Q: What do you like about grass fed beef?

FAS: Grass fed beef is nutritious and high quality! It shows in the taste of the beef.

GWD: For me, grass fed beef has a great, “beefy” flavor. It makes a big difference when cooking at home.

Q: What was your first experience with Grass Run Farms beef?

FAS: My first experience was great when making skewers! The meat was so tender and juicy.

GWD: To be honest, I can’t really remember.
(That’s fine, GWD!)

Q: How do you shop for grass fed beef in stores? Is there anything that you look for?

FAS: I look for labeling.

GWD: I always like to find grass fed beef with light marbling. Those are the thin lines of fat in the meat. This fat will add moisture and make the beef more tender after it’s cooked. Remember, fat equals flavor, and this is especially true when it comes to beef.

Q: What makes Grass Run Farms beef different from other grass fed beef brands you’ve tried?

FAS: I feel that the quality and taste of Grass Run Farms in comparison to other grass fed brands can be tasted when cooking and eating! It’s one of the best beef brands I have had the experience of cooking with.

GWD: With Grass Run Farms, you get that full beefy flavor I mentioned. And, you also get the satisfaction of knowing where your beef comes from.

Q: What’s your favorite dish to make with Grass Run Farms beef?

FAS: Beef skewers!

GWD: Burgers! I love grilling burgers. They are a staple at my house and using high quality ground beef from Grass Run Farms makes for some delicious burgers. You get very juicy and flavorful burgers that the whole family can enjoy.

Q: If you had to describe Grass Run Farms beef in 5 words, what would you say?

word cloud about beef

FAS: Quality, taste, juicy, natural, nutritious.

GWD: Delicious, tender, beefy, flavorful, quality.

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burger recipes from grilling with dad

Looking for a dependable grass fed beef brand with endless potential for foodie loyalty? We’re the brand of grass fed goodness you’ve been looking for.

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