How to Feed Dinner to a Crowd in Under an Hour

how to feed a crowd in an hour

Surprise! Your sister just called to say she’ll be bringing your niece and nephew over for holiday dinner … tonight. There’s just one problem: you didn’t prepare for this!

Don’t fret, because we have a collection of fast, satisfying grass fed beef recipes that will come together with grocery store ingredients in the (Saint) Nick of time—60 minutes or less.

1| Zesty Ground Beef Taco Dip | via Grass Run Farms

taco dip recipe with ground beef

This classic appetizer can be made in under 20 minutes with ingredients you probably have in the pantry and fridge.

Suggested beef cut: grass fed ground beef

2| Easiest 1-Hour Roast Beef | via Iowa Girl Eats

iowa girl eats roast beef recipe

Is Grandma Joan right around the corner? When you don’t have eight hours to spare in the crockpot for our original beef roast, this recipe comes in handy. Simple ingredients (top round roast, tomatoes, olive oil, S&P, rosemary, garlic, and beef broth) assemble in 60 minutes or less for a leftover-making finish.

Suggested beef cut: London Broil top round roast

3| Cheeseburger Sliders | via Tasty

cheeseburger slider recipe

We’ve tried these easy sliders, and they’re the cute and classic dish to take out of the oven as last-minute guests arrive. Feel free to mix up the ingredients and go with mushroom and Swiss or a “California burger” with avocado and sprouts.

Suggested beef cut: grass fed ground beef 

4| Brown Butter Apple, Sage, and Polish Sausage Panini | via Grass Run Farms

panini with polish sausage and apples

Smoky grass fed sausages, caramelized apples, earthy sage, creamy Brie, and crispy panini bread? Guests will be Instagramming this recipe, which can be prepped and on the table in 40 minutes or less.

Suggested beef cut: grass fed Polish sausage

5| Easy Beef and Broccoli | via Just a Taste

grass fed beef and broccoli recipe

Minute rice takes about as much time as this simple recipe that will have kids and adults asking for seconds. We suggest subbing in our grass fed stew meat for the listed flank steak, and feel free to add in more veggies as you see fit.

Suggested beef cut: grass fed stew meat

6| Perfect New York Strip Steaks | via Hey Grill Hey

grass fed new york strip steak recipe

This straightforward strip steak recipe is inspired by Tyler Florence’s steakhouse, so you know it’s legit. There are only three ingredients, too, so you know you’ll preserve that pure steak flavor.

Suggested beef cut: grass fed New York strip steak

7| Flat Iron Steak with Basil Aioli | Via This Healthy Table

grass fed beef flat iron steak recipe

We saved our favorite recipe for last. It’s our #1 because of that gorgeous aioli you see above—it’s the ideal fragrant partner to our flat iron steak. And, it can be on your table in 25 minutes.

Suggested beef cut: grass fed flat iron steak

Like our fast-and-fantastic grass fed beef recipes? There’s more where that came from on our blog. If you’re still hungry for more, learn more about our 100% grass finished products, and check out our new grass fed marrow bones.